This document lists items and quantities that you are allowed to bring into Mozambique duty free, what items must be declared, and what items you are required to pay duty on. It also lists items that are prohibited in Mozambique. If in doubt, make a complete declaration. Your declaration may be challenged and your baggage may be searched regardless of whether you declare anything or not - but this is rare at border posts. There are heavy penalties under customs laws for making a false declaration and giving or offering a bribe to a government officer.

Duty Free Allowances or Personal Effects: This refers to items that you take from home that you reasonably require during your journey, such as clothes, books, tools of trade, camera, etc. Returning residents should note that this does NOT include items bought or obtained during their journeys outside Mozambique.

Items to Declare or Separated from Luggage: Refers to objects, artifacts, and equipment belonging to a passenger as accompanying or non-accompanying luggage, which do not fit within the established limits. This is subject to payment of customs duties and other taxes.

Prohibited or Restricted Items: Include narcotic drugs, firearms, weapons, pornographic material, counterfeit goods, plant material and to some extent, meat products.
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Duty Free Allowances

Anything you bring from home for your trip in Mozambique that you will reasonably require or use during your stay in Mozambique is considered personal effects and therefore, duty free with no need to be declared. Personal effects include clothes, books, certain tools, etc. In order to take advantage of duty free allowances, travelers should have nothing in excess of their own personal affects, other than the items below that are also allowed in, duty free. Travelers should not have any commercial goods and no prohibited or restricted items. Each of these limits are per person including children (except tobacco and alcohol - which children under the age of 18 may not carry).

• Tobacco Products: 200 cigarettes, OR 100 cigarillos, OR 50 cigars, OR 250 grams of smoking tobacco
• Alcoholic Drinks: 1 liter of spirits AND 2.25 liters of wine. No beer is allowed to be imported into Mozambique.
• Perfumes: 50ml perfumes OR 250ml cologne/eau de toilette. This does not include aerosols which are considered toiletries and therefore duty free.
• Pharmaceutical Products: A quantity considered reasonable for personal consumption.
• Groceries, Meats and Other Goods: Up to a value of 5,000mt per person, children included. Keep receipts for your purchases.*

* You may take your own meat with you for personal consumption, but make sure it is frozen and properly sealed or vacuum packed. Note that if you are travelling through Swaziland to get to Mozambique you may not be allowed to take any meat into Swaziland - they are extremely strict on meat and meat products.

The following items are allowed in, duty free, however they should be declared on the forms provided. These items are temporarily imported into Mozambique and they should return with you when you leave.

• Digital cameras, lenses and accessories;
• Video cameras and accessories;
• GPS equipment (Garmin, TomTom, etc);
• Laptops and accessories;
• Portable televisions, dstv decoder, portable DVD player
• iPod, iPod docking station and accessories;
• hi-fi’s, radios, music systems;
• Microwaves and camping equipment;
• Fishing rods, tackle & equipment;
• Paddle-skis, kayaks, canoes;
• Boats, Bicycles, Quads, Motorcycles, Jet-skis, yachts
• Generators, Car Freezer / Fridges, portable compressor
• Desktop PC, Screen, Keyboard, Printers and accessories
• Camping stoves, gas braais

Remember that if you have declared an item for temporary import you must bring that item back with you when you exit Mozambique. If the customs officials discover that an item is not present you will either have to return to fetch the item or customs will declare the item imported and you will have to pay a fine and the import duty on the item before you leave the country. Your passport will be retained until these requirements have been met.

Remember that your vehicle contents and baggage may be subject to an inspection regardless of the type of declaration that you have made. In general all vehicles and trailers have to be inspected by a customs official on the Mozambican side in order to obtain a signature on your gate pass. This gate pass will be checked by the gate guard to ensure that firstly you have a customs stamp on it and secondly that you have a customs inspector’s signature on it prior to allowing you access into Mozambique.

When entering Mozambique, you need not declare up to US$ 5,000.00 or the equivalent, in cash or travelers cheques. Above this limit you are required to make a declaration to the customs officials of Mozambique (Alfandegas)
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Duty Payable

The following items need to be declared and duties or taxes should be paid before bringing them into Mozambique:

• Fuel: Import taxes are payable on any extra fuel that is brought into Mozambique. This does not include any fuel in your vehicle's tank or boat's fuel tank.

• Commercial Goods: Commercial items that will be sold in Mozambique need to be declared, with duty and taxes paid.

• Any Other Items: Items that are not on the list of Duty Free Allowances, and that are not prohibited need to be declared, with customs duty and taxes paid where necessary.
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Prohibited Items

The following items may be imported into Mozambique, but require a license or permit. Without a valid license or permit, they are considered prohibited:

• Certain types of Firearms,
• Certain types of explosives or fireworks;
• Animals, hides, skins, animal products and animal parts;
• Gold, silver, platinum in coins, bars or ingots
• Certain types of plants, roots, tubers and medicines (especially if these will be planted)

The following items may not be imported into Mozambique:

• Narcotic drugs;
• Certain types of firearms and weapons;
• Certain types of explosives;
• Pornographic material and media;
• Counterfeit goods or electronic equipment;
• Certain types of plant material and to a lesser extent certain types of meat products.
• Certain types of animal products, such as ivory.
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