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Mozambican National Communications Institute (INCM), has imposed a ban on the importation, marketing and use of radio and telecommunications gadgets that interfere with telecommunication services in the country.

A statement from the sector’s regulatory authority on Thursday said the ban covers the importation, commercialisation and use in Mozambique of devices using Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications DECT 6.0 (or other) technology operating in the 1900 to 2100 MHz frequency band, allocated bandwidth for cellular mobile telephony services

Under this measure, equipment that causes fraudulent termination of calls (SIM-BOX, for example) is banned in Mozambique.

The prohibition also covers the importation, marketing and use of communications equipment which represents health risks or which jeopardises the safety of terrestrial, maritime and aeronautical mobile services such as Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile phones.

The sale and use of radio communication and telecommunications equipment not approved or certified by the Communications Regulatory Authority is also prohibited.

The installation and use of radio communication and telecommunications equipment and systems is also prohibited, without the prior technical inspection of the Communications Regulatory Authority.

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In the event that the measures are not respected, in the exercise of its powers, the Regulatory Authority undertakes to confiscate all equipment that has not been ratified or that violate the legislation in force.

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Source: APA
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