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South African Ex Pat Petro Prinsloo was apparently brutally attacked and murdered at her home in the Maputo Province capital of Matola.
The motive for the murder is currently unclear. However there are two versions of the events doing the rounds.
The police have arrested several suspects. Two of the suspects that was arrested, it is alleged that they were paraded on the local television Miramar, before they pleaded before a court.
The accused alleged on television, stated and claimed that the husband of the deceased apparently paid them 100 000 meticais to commit the crime. Police are in possession of mobile conversations.
It is alleged that apparently the deceased found out of the husband affair with the Mozambican national. It is alleged that he was not willing to share his wealth in a divorce.
The other version of events is what the husband alleges, and that is that he Mozambican lady apparently killed his wife in an effort to frame him and take control of the company.
Me Prinsloo has been buried last week in Middelburg, Mpumalanga.
The suspects are still awaiting trial, and are in custody.
Asking to comment on the matter, Mr Phillip Strydom, The chairman of the Mozambique Foreign Business Chamber, express his happiness with the quick actions of the police. He said that the expats were very concerned about this violent crime, as this was only the second murder on a South African national in Mozambique in the past 25 years.
Mr Strydom said that he was saddened to learn from sources that the husband has been arrested and is currently in captivity, without bail. “it is sad that our own people bring this violence from South Africa, if it is true”

Source: MINA
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