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Multilingual Country: Should English be the First Official Languauge?
In a private meeting between with Emmerson Mnangagwa, President Nyusi admitted that Mozambique has a shortage of English teachers. Do you feel that the citizens of Mozambique are being deprived of opportunities around the world because a large majority cannot speak enough English to enable them to work with the rest of the world. Is it also possible that many business opportunities are being lost to Mozambique because of the language barrier? Should English be the first official language of Mozambique? Comment below and let us know your thoughts.
As a commonwealth country & the only other country with Angola in SADC that is not English, Moz should become at least Portuguese & English for the interim & English later. Its already a problem with labeling & packaging. Financial language is English, pilot language is English, world communication is English, the Moz government admitted that 90% of first graders cant speak Portuguese... now is the time for Moz to change, or stay behind: time to join the world
I feel like Moz would progress a bit further if English was the first official language. As a tourist to Mozambique, I definitely struggle with communication. Barely anyone speaks English. Is it even taught in schools? Seems that a large amount of people also barely speak Portuguese properly. How will the current generation ever seek opportunities overseas without being able to speak English.
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