Classifieds: Product Conditions
Like New: An item that still looks new and has been rarely used. Original protective wrapping may be missing. There should be absolutely no signs of wear and no broken features or any need for repair. Original instruction manuals should be provided. Items that are Like New may or may not still have their manufacturer’s warranty.

Excellent Condition: A well-cared for item that has seen limited use but remains in great condition. Items in this condition may have slight wear or damage that can only been seen on a very close, thorough inspection. The item still works perfectly without any defects or need for repair. The item hasn't been used much.

Good Condition: An item in Good Condition may have slightly visible wear or damage from consistent use, and a few features may not be working properly. The item is still considered reliable and safe to use for a considerable period after purchase.

OK Condition: An item in OK Condition has visible wear or damage, such as small scratches, dents, and worn corners. Several features of the item may not be working, and the item may been in need of some attention to restore it. Although the item is generally considered safe, it may not be reliable for much longer.

Poor Condition: Items in poor condition have extremely visible wear or damage such as large, deep scratches, dents, and worn corners. Paint may also be flaking or missing in some areas. A lot of the features may not be working, and the item is in desperate need of attention and repair. Items in poor condition are not considered safe, and are probably not reliable at the time of purchase.

Terrible Condition: Items is Terrible condition appear extremely run down, tatty, damaged or worn. Items in this condition have very few features working or may not be working at all. They are generally considered not safe to use until they are repaired by a competent person. Items in this condition are generally only purchased for spare parts, and should be priced accordingly.
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