Terms & Conditions for Classifieds Listings
Companies may not use the classifieds section to advertise products or services that they sell as their core business. A separate Storefront is available for companies to advertise their products. A company may only use the classifieds section in the event that they want to sell used items that are no longer required by the company due to upgrades, downscaling or liquidation. Such items should not be the brand new and should not be the core business of the company.

By clicking "I Agree to the Terms & Conditions" you agree that:

• The information in your listing is correct to the best of your knowledge; you have not willingly supplied incorrect information and that you have tried your best find out all the details about this product and its features.

• Your pictures represent the actual product, and are not generic pictures downloaded from the internet. Furthermore, if your pictures contain people's faces, or other identifiable features, you have obtained their permission to use these photos on our website.

• Your contact details are correct and people can use them to contact you.

• If something changes, you will keep this listing updated until it expires. All listings are set to expire two weeks after being posted.

• We reserve the right to block or remove this listing, including the associated User Account in the case of abuse or inaccurate information.

• Mozambique.co.mz may use the information you provide, including pictures to help market your listings or to market our website. We may also include your listing in our newsletters.

• Mozambique.co.mz takes no resposibility for items damaged during shipping or transportation, and cannot guarantee that the information supplied in our classifieds is correct, and represent actual products.

• The information you provide, including pictures are publicly available on the internet for people to search and view.

• Please report inaccurate information or abusive adverts to the administrator using the Report button.

Please take a few moments to read our Safety Guidelines for Buying and Selling items on classifieds.

Prohibited Items:
The following items are prohibited from being listed on our Classifieds Section, unless special permission is obtained from the administrator. Mozambique.co.mz reserves the right to conduct random reviews. While your listing is being reviewed it will be suspended and we will ask for additional information or documentation.

Posting any of the items below will result in the advert being removed and your account may be blocked. We will also block the accounts of buyers who purchase or enquire about these products from a seller who has listed them. Mozambique.co.mz may also hand your personal information over to the appropriate authorities for investigation if you try to list these prohibited items.

• Drugs, Alcohol, Medications
Legal and illegal drugs are prohibited in the classifieds section. This includes illegal drugs, tobacco, alcohol and various medications.

We generally don't allow herbal remedies for weight-loss, hair growth and a few others. Exceptions may be made in some circumstances. Please check with an administrator before posting these items.

• Products of a Sexual Nature and Pornography
Sexual health medications and herbal remedies are not permitted in the classifieds. These include medications or herbal remedies for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and other sexually related products. Pornographic material of any kind, including adult toys and adult entertainment are forbidden. Services of a sexual nature are also forbidden.

• Animals and Animal Products:
Mozambique.co.mz does not allow the listing of any live animals for sale. Animal products such as ivory, skins, furs and hides are also prohibited in their raw or semi-processed forms. Fish, Meat and meat products are prohibited. There is a zero tolerance for dried marine animal souveniers such as seahorses, starfish and turtle shells - these are highly illegal in Mozambique and your personal information will be handed over to authorities for investigation.

Products such as leather hand bags, belts, shoes, etc, are acceptable if they were manufactured commercially.

• Guns, Ammunition, Camouflage Clothing
The listing of guns (even those that are legally licensed) and ammunition are prohibited. Exceptions may be made if special permission is requested beforehand from the administrator. In case these are listed, it the the responsibility of the buyer to verify that documentation for these items is up-to-date, correct and legal. Buyers may need to go through legal procedures before they are allowed to purchase such items.

• Stolen Items:
It is illegal to sell or buy stolen items. Please be especially cautious with Mobile Phones, Computers, Jewelry and Vehicles. Buyers should ask the seller to prove that mobile phones and computers are not stolen by providing purchase receipts, packaging, and/or ALL the accessories included with the device. Buyers should verify jewelry by requesting relevant certificates. Have jewelry checked to make sure it's genuine. Vehicles can only be listed by the owner, if they have all relevant registration and licensing documentation.

• Illegal Items:
Any items considered illegal by Mozambican law are prohibited in the classifieds section.
Please take the time to read our Safety Guidelines for Buying and Selling in Classifieds.
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