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Thanks for Cleaning my Money
1,000 MZN
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Expires: 30 November, 2018
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My name is Aisha Mohammed,i am a Saudi Citizen.I saw your postings in the internet on your search for solution to your defaced money problem and i was touched because i have gone through it for years before i found a solution and as a Muslim BusinessWoman and a Mother i am compelled to offer you the solution to your problem.
My money was cleaned by Mr Peter Cernjavski after a long period of trying and failing with Technicians who lack the experience to do the job.He delivered the chemicals to clean my money to my direct address,i only paid a small amount for delivery expences for delivering the cleaning chemicals and after he had cleaned my defaced $8m he only took about $1m from the cleaned money.
Contact him with his email You will not regret it