Photo Guidelines for the Classifieds Section
To ensure a high standard on this website, please follow these guidelines when taking photos for the classifieds section. A high quality photo will attract more views on your listing. Please also note that these guidelines are specific to classifieds - they may not apply to other sections of the website.

• Please use the Landscape orientation for photos. Pictures taken in portrait orientation will not load correctly on our website, and will be automatically rejected by the servers. You can use the camera on your mobile phone, provided that the image is clear.

• The most ideal dimension ratio for photos are: 16:9 - most cameras produce pictures that are compatible with this ratio.

• Take photos during the day and avoid using the flash if possible. Zoom out if necessary and leave a bit of blank space around the object you are taking a picture of.

• Pictures must represent the actual item you are showcasing or advertising. We do not allow our users to download generic photos from the internet and put them on Classifieds Listings.

• You may require permission from people if you use pictures containg their faces. will not be held responsible for copyright infringment for images uploaded to our website. Furthermore, we take copyright infringement very seriously and will hand over any information required by investigating authorities. The information you provide, including logos and pictures remains your property, however we may use images for advertising your products or our website.

• Images must be in .jpg or .png format. All other formats are not permitted and will be automatically rejected by the server.

• Each photo should not exceed 5MB in size. Photos that exceed this size will not be accepted and your advert will not be listed until the issue is resolved.

• Pure white backgrounds are preferred for Classifieds, but not required. The photo should not include other objects that may confuse the buyer as to which product is being advertised.

• No text or watermarks are allowed on the image. Ideally all images should be taken by the same camera and have the same dimensions for a clean display on the website.

• Images that are too small or unclear may be removed and the advert will be suspended until the problem is resolved.

• We reserve the right to remove images that do not meet our image standards. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have all necessary rights for the images you submit. We take no responsibility for copyright infringement.
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