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For those who are visiting Mozambique for the first time. Here is everything you need to know.
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Preparing to Travel
International & first time travelers may benefit from this information. Seasoned travelers to Mozambique may also find some useful information.
SADC Member States
Mozambique Embassies
Designated Border Posts
Information about the geographical provinces of Mozambique.
Detailed information about some of the major cities in Mozambique, including weather, attractions and more.
A list of SADC Member States - Citizens of these countries do not need a visa to visit Mozambique.
A list of Mozambique Embassies in various countries around the world, including contact information.
These designated border posts issue visas on arrival to international travellers, depending on the nature of their visit.
Privacy Policy
Basic First Aid Kit
It's highly recommended that you pack a basic first aid kit for your travels to Mozambique. We have given a suggested list of items to include.
Our very informative article on Malaria. It's important that all travellers to Mozambique read this article and take the risk of Malaria very seriously.
Vehicle Requirements
For visitors who are driving foreign registered vehicles into Mozambique, please ensure that your vehicle meets the following compulsory legal requirements.
Road Laws & Driving Guide
Guidelines for safe driving in Mozambique, including fines for various traffic offenses, as well as various officials and their duties. Also includes speed limits and penalties.
Traveler Allowances
Items and quantities that you are allowed to bring into Mozambique duty free, what items must be declared with duty paid. Also lists items that are prohibited in Mozambique.