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Basic Website
Includes the Home Page (this first page that visitors see when they visit your website) and a basic Administration Console.
Value: MZN 1,400.00
FREE for Testing
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Rooms Module
Show case the rooms that your accommodation has to offer with this specially designed module.
Value: MZN 350.00
FREE for Testing
Photo Gallery Module
Everyone loves beautiful pictures. This module allows you to easily add and organize pictures on your website.
Value: MZN 350.00 + 137.00 (100 Pictures, 5 Categories)
FREE for Testing
Contact Module
Lets your customer easily contact you. Allows you to easily set a Google Map location, and other contact information.
Value: MZN 490.00
FREE for Testing
Reviews Module
Easily & beatifully showcase the reviews you have received from customers. This module lets you create reviews quickly.
Value: MZN 350.00
FREE for Testing
Facilities Module
Show off the facilites of your accommodation with this module. It's designed to give you many ideas for areas you can showcase.
Value: MZN 350.00
FREE for Testing
Restaurant Module
Give customers an idea of what your restaurant looks like, including the food. Easily connects to the Gallery Module
Value: MZN 560.00
FREE for Testing
Newsletters Module
Easily keep in touch with your customers by sending out regular emails with announcements, specials, news, etc.
Value: MZN 560.00 + CRM Module @ 137.00 (100 Subscribers)
FREE for Testing
TOTAL: 4,684.00
FREE for Testing
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